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Why basic auto insurance isn’t always the right choice

Basic auto insurance is the least amount of liability coverage that you are required to have in order to be covered in the state of Texas. Making sure that our customers are in compliance with the laws as well as having the amount of auto insurance they require is part of our responsibility as independent insurance agents. At Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX, we take our responsibility seriously. 

Auto Insurance: More Than The Basics

Basic liability insurance coverage in Texas is 30/60/25. That means $30,000 for injuries to the first person injured, with a total of $60,000 for all injuries. The $25,000 is for damage to property. These are pretty generous figures, but in a serious accident, they might be woefully inadequate. If you have a lot of assets to lose, you may want to reconsider whether basic coverage provides enough protection.

If you have an auto lease or loan on your vehicle, you will be required to carry additional coverage.  You will also have to have comprehensive and collision insurance to protect your vehicle. 

When you are thinking about the amount of coverage you actually need, it is important to assess the importance of your vehicle in your life. Would you be able to get to work without it? How often do you actually use it and do you have an alternative form of transportation? Would you be able to easily pay for the repair or the replacement of that vehicle? If you answered no to these questions, then making sure you have full coverage on your vehicle probably makes good sense. It will pay to replace or repair your car or truck. 

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When you are ready to talk about your auto insurance coverage, the team at Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX is here to provide the guidance you need. 

Protect Your Livelihood with Commercial Insurance

Are you a business owner in the Midland, TX area? If so, protect your livelihood with the commercial insurance Ledford Agency LLC can provide.

Why Commercial Insurance?

Businesses need commercial insurance because it can help cover costs associated with liability and property damage claims. Without this coverage, a business owner may have to pay out-of-pocket for any damage or legal claims filed against the company. This could be financially destructive. In some cases, it can mean the difference between staying afloat or going under.

General liability insurance, referred to as commercial liability insurance, will cover the expenses of liability claims against your company. For example, if a client or customer falls and injures himself on business grounds, he could sue your company. Business liability insurance helps cover these costs.

Business income insurance will replace lost income if your business cannot operate because of a covered loss. This is the solution to meeting your payroll, paying your bills, and weathering the temporary shutdown of your business. For example, if a fire damages your company and it is closed during repairs, this coverage will replace lost income during the repair.

Workers’ compensation insurance offers financial support to those employees who are not able to work due to a job-related illness or injury. For example, if an employee receives a back injury while lifting a heavy piece of equipment, this coverage will pay for their medical expenses. 

Unemployment insurance offers benefits to employees who become displaced from their employment through no fault of theirs. 

In most states, a company with employees will need:

  • Disability insurance
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance

Covered risks under a commercial insurance policy include theft, workers’ lost wages if injured on the job, and more. If your company does not have this coverage, any costs will need to be paid out-of-pocket.

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Four rules to follow when you buy home insurance

The home insurance policy that you choose could end up having a big effect on your finances in the future. That’s why you need to follow some important rules when you insure your home in Midland, TX. 

Ledford Agency LLC is here to provide you with the home insurance coverage that you need.

The following are four rules to follow when you buy home insurance:

Understand what standard home insurance covers

You need to know what coverage you’re getting from your policy. While standard home insurance covers certain types of damage such as fire damage, it doesn’t necessarily cover other types of damage such as hurricane damage. 

You want to make sure that you have the coverage you need for the risks that you face as a homeowner. 

Use the Internet

The Internet is a great source of information on home insurance in general and on the policy offerings of specific home insurance providers. That’s why you should use the Internet to learn about home insurance and compare your options. 

Buy home insurance from a reputable company

Your home insurance policy should be offered by an established company with a good reputation.

You shouldn’t buy a home insurance policy from a company before you research its background. Explore reviews from past customers so that you know you’re buying from a reputable company. 

Make sure you have enough liability coverage

A lot of homeowners make the unfortunate mistake of purchasing only basic liability coverage.

The lowest maximum coverage limit for home insurance is often far too low to cover the expenses that can result from a lawsuit against a homeowner. That’s why you should always add liability coverage. 

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Do you have questions on home insurance in Midland, TX? We’re here to answer your questions at Ledford Agency LLC. Get in touch with us so that you can get a quote on a policy that will protect your home and finances. 

Why should I insure my Texas vehicle?

Being a vehicle owner in the Midland, TX area is always a good idea. When you are a car owner here, it will provide you with a convenient and safe way to get around the community and surrounding areas. If you want to buy a car or other vehicle, having the right insurance needs to be a top priority.

There are various reasons that you should properly insure your car here:

Protect the Vehicle

One of the reasons you should have an auto plan in place is so you can properly protect your vehicle. A car or other vehicle is one of the largest assets most people will ever own. If you have the right insurance, it can ensure you have support if your car is stolen or damaged in an accident. This could include providing you with full replacement of the car if you have suffered a significant loss.

Comply with Obligations

It would also be a good idea to have insurance to comply with any obligations that you have. If you are going to buy a car, you will likely take out an auto loan. If this is the case for you, having comprehensive insurance will be a requirement in your loan agreement. Further, the state of Texas requires all drivers to have liability insurance. 

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Owning a car is a necessity if you are in the Midland, TX area. When you are going to find a new vehicle, you should also call the professionals with Ledford Agency LLC to discuss your insurance needs. With so many choices to make when looking for coverage, calling Ledford Agency LLC can prove to be quite helpful. This team will provide you with a customized insurance plan that can ensure you and your car are properly covered. 

Commercial Insurance Protects Your Livelihood

Are you a business owner in Midland, TX? Are your interests protected by commercial insurance? Let the insurance professionals at the Ledford Agency LLC provide the protection your company needs.

Commercial Insurance: Why You Need This Important Coverage

One of the most important aspects of a business operation is protecting it from financial loss. Being adequately prepared for a loss can mean the difference between remaining in business and having to shut your doors. The best investment you can make to avoid severe financial hardship is a commercial insurance policy.

There are several types of commercial insurance you can purchase.

The most common are:

  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Cyber liability
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance for employees

Most small businesses would need a BOP, which combines business income insurance, business property, and business liability. A BOP protects the physical location of your business and its assets.

Just like home, auto, flood, or umbrella coverage, commercial insurance helps cover costs as a result of property damage and liability claims. Rather than protecting individuals, commercial insurance protects businesses against risks such as:

  • Accidents
  • Ill or injured employees (includes access to lost income and rehabilitation programs)
  • Lawsuits
  • Property damage
  • Professional errors and omissions (E&O)
  • Theft

If one of these happens and you do not have commercial coverage, the associated expenses could drain the resources of your business and you will have to close your doors.

Because all businesses are different, your commercial policy will be tailored to your business requirements. Basically, commercial insurance is relatively affordable. The average liability policy costs approximately $42 per month and only increases to $53 if property liability coverage is added under a BOP.

Bear in mind that what you pay for this coverage depends primarily on the business, location, annual revenue, and the number of employees. Don’t be without it.

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If you want to start protecting your livelihood, contact the Ledford Agency LLC today. We are happy to serve business owners in Midland, TX and surrounding areas.

How to Avoid Home Damage When Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

During the holiday season, you may want to make your home merry and bright. Unfortunately, as you are decorating your home, you can make mistakes that can be damaging to your home. At Ledford Agency LLC, serving the greater Midland, TX area, we want to help you keep your home safe in any way we can.

Here are a few ways you can avoid home damage as you go about decorating your home for the holidays:

Avoid Using Nails to Hang Christmas Lights

One of the most common mistakes that people make when they are decorating their home for the holidays is to hang Christmas lights from their gutters or roofs with nails. Nails can damage both your gutters and roof, so they should never be used. Instead, use light clips to hang lights. 

Don’t Overload Your Electric System

Another way that you can avoid home damage this holiday season is to avoid overloading your electrical system. If you plan on making a large display, reach out to an electrician to add another circuit to your breaker box to accommodate all of the lights and blow-ups you plan to use. 

Cover Your Floor to Protect It From the Christmas Tree

Lastly, always cover your floor to help protect it from the Christmas tree. Water from a Christmas tree can damage the carpet or hardwood floor. The base of a fake tree can scratch flooring. Protecting your floor helps to ensure your tree does not leave behind damage after the holidays are over. 

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At Ledford Agency LLC, serving the greater Midland, TX region, we are committed to helping you care for and protect your home. Having a great home insurance policy is another way that you can care for and protect your home. If you have questions about home insurance or are looking for a new policy, let us help you. Call us today to learn more. 

What to Do After an Auto Accident

Car accidents, whether minor or serious, are a frequent occurrence. That’s why we get auto insurance to reduce the financial burdens that follow. But do you know the steps you are supposed to take after an auto accident? Ledford Agency LLC, serving the residents of Midland, TX, and surrounding areas, takes you through the steps to follow after a car accident.

What to Do After an Auto Accident

Check for Injuries

Safety should come first. Check if you are injured, and if you have passengers, check on them too. If you are severely hurt, try not to move and call 911. Emergency services will come and administer first aid, then take you to the hospital if need be.

Move to a Safe Location

If you can, move to the sidewalk or the side of the road. Remaining in the middle of the road puts you at risk because other cars will be coming, and a driver could hit you.

Call the Cops

Whether it is a major collision or a simple fender-bender, call the cops. In Texas, you are legally required to inform the police, especially if the accident resulted in severe injuries, property damage, or death. If, for whatever reason, cops can’t get you, go to the police station and report the accident. When filing a claim, you will need that police report. As you wait for the police, you can exchange information with the other driver, such as insurance cards and license information.

Contact Your Insurer

Inform your insurance company of the accident. They will let you know how to start the claim process and what it entails.

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A car accident can leave a driver confused and worried. Here at Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX, we understand how auto insurance works and are ready to help. Give us a call and let us handle all your auto insurance needs smoothly and professionally.

Do You Need Commercial Insurance for Your Business?

When it comes to business, there are a lot of things that you need to think about if you want to remain ahead of the game and keep your company afloat. One of the most important things you need is to get commercial insurance for your business. This might seem like an unnecessary expense, but if something happens to your business, you will be very glad that you have it.

Consult with Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX for expert insurance advice. 

Here are some reasons you need to get commercial insurance for your business:

1. To Protect Your Business From Liability

If something happens and someone gets hurt on your property or because of something that your business does, you could be held liable. This means that you could end up having to pay a lot of money in damages. If you have commercial insurance, your insurance company will cover these damages up to your policy’s limit.

2. To Protect Your Business Property

One of the most important assets for any business is its property. This includes the building that your business is located in, as well as any equipment or inventory that you have. If this property is damaged or destroyed, it can be very expensive to replace. Commercial insurance will help to ensure that you can replace this property if it is ever damaged or destroyed.

3. To Comply With The Law

In many states and municipalities, it is actually required by law that businesses have certain types of commercial insurance. For example, most businesses are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. You may also be required to have liability insurance if your business is considered to be high risk.

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These are just a few of the reasons why you need to make sure that your business has commercial insurance. Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX can help you find the right policy for your business. Give us a call today to learn more about our services.

Is Home Insurance Important for your Texas Home?

You worked hard to find the perfect home for you and your family and made a large investment in your property so you will want to protect it with an adequate amount of home insurance. The insurance agents at Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX want to explain the importance of having a home insurance policy in place.

If you were loaned the money to purchase your home by a mortgage company, bank, or another lender, you will be required to have a home insurance policy in place. Even if your home is paid off, though, it is imperative to have a home insurance policy in place to cover your property in the event that some horrible incident occurs. It’s better to be prepared ahead of time, just in case.

Coverage Options for Home Insurance

It is important to have home insurance to cover not only the structure of your home as well as outbuildings and other structures on your property but to replace your personal belongings, furniture, and appliances if something happens to them. If your home has been damaged or demolished by an act of vandalism, a natural disaster, or a fire, your home insurance will assist you in repairing or replacing any items, including your house itself. A home insurance policy will also help you cover any items that are stolen if your house is burglarized or a theft incident occurs.

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Contact the home insurance agents at Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX today to get your home insurance policy started and enjoy the sense of peace it brings you in knowing your home is protected.

What is the benefit of getting an auto insurance plan in Texas?

In the Midland, TX area, owning a car is quite common and practically a necessity for many people. If you are going to buy a car in this area, you also need to choose an insurance plan for it. There are a lot of benefits that come when you do pick an auto policy to cover yourself and your vehicle. 

Auto Insurance Benefits: What You Need To Know

Protect Your Car

A key reason to have an auto insurance plan when in this part of Texas is so you can protect your car. Your vehicle is likely to be one of your most valuable assets. Because of this, you will want to ensure that you have proper support in place to protect it. If you invest in an auto insurance plan, it will give you the support needed to repair or replace the vehicle if you incur a loss due to theft or damage.

Liability Risk Protection

Drivers in Texas need to be aware of the liability risk that they take on whenever they get behind the wheel. Even a careful driver will have to cover damage if they cause any type of accident. As damage can be significant, having insurance is quite helpful. This coverage will ensure you have support to pay for whatever damage is caused. Having this insurance is also a legal obligation. 

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Anyone living in the Midland, TX area will want to ensure that they are getting the right insurance support. As you are looking to protect yourself and your car here, calling Ledford Agency LLC is a good decision. The professionals with Ledford Agency LLC know the value of this coverage and can ensure you choose a plan that will provide adequate support.