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Review Some Auto Insurance Add-Ons

Supplementing your auto insurance with add-ons offers increased coverage beyond a standard policy. Explore common add-ons that may suit your needs and consult our agents serving Midland, TX after making your choice.

The Benefit of Add-Ons

Add-ons furnish an extra layer of protection that is usually not part of a standard automotive insurance policy. They may offer coverage for lost or damaged labor and materials and even property damage while driving.

Towing Coverage

A towing add-on protects your vehicle while towing another vehicle or machinery. If you are considering this coverage, investing in requisite towing equipment that keeps your vehicle safe and compliant with regulations is a prerequisite.

Coverage for Active Repairs

If your vehicle is under repair or restoration, you can obtain coverage that extends the protection your standard automotive policy provides. This coverage covers automotive parts required for the upgrades and the cost of replacing parts that are lost or stolen during the process.

Perform a Self-Assessment

Assess how you use your vehicle and where you’ll be driving. Also, reflect on whether your vehicle usage requires additional insurance coverage for specific purposes.

Reach Out to Ledford Agency LLC

Once you’ve reviewed and selected desirable insurance add-ons, set up an appointment with one of our representatives at Ledford Agency LLC. They will ensure your automotive insurance policy reflects these new changes.