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Texas Homeowners Guide to Home Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance isn’t required by the state of Texas. However, if your home is mortgaged, the lender will require you to keep insurance on it until it’s paid off. It’s a good idea to continue home insurance after paying your home off to protect your home and belongings.

What are the Types of Home Insurance?

Ledford Agency LLC offers several different types of homeowners insurance on a standard policy. The dwelling coverage portion will pay you for repairs or the replacement value of your home in the case that you incur damages from a covered peril. Personal property coverage covers the contents of your home when they are damaged or stolen. Other structure coverage will pay for damage to a detached garage, fences, and storage buildings on your property. Personal liability coverage will pay medical bills and lost wages in the case that you are responsible for damaging another person’s property. Loss of use coverage will pay for your living expenses while your home is being repaired. This can include rent and any other items you need that you would not otherwise need if not for an accident to your home. Medical payments will cover the medical bills of people who are accidentally hurt in your home or on your property.

What are Covered Items in Midland, TX?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy covers several different perils including fire, lightning, water breaks, theft, explosions, vandalism, and malicious mischief as well as aircraft or vehicle damage. Windstorms, hurricanes, and hail storms are covered if you do not live on the coast.

What are other types of Coverage?

Depending on your exact location, you may be able to add flood insurance on your home and property. This is not routinely covered in the original home insurance policy. Floods can happen in any part of the state and not only from hurricanes on the gulf coast. You can also add extra coverage for expensive or collector’s items that you own.

Trust Your Insurance Professionals

At Ledford Agency LLC we can help you to decide exactly the perfect amount of insurance that you need to be fully covered. You can call the office or drop by to speak to a highly knowledgeable professional at our office in Midland, TX.