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Commercial Insurance in Texas

Ledford Agency LLC Offers Commercial Insurance for Texas Businesses

Careful financial planning is a hallmark of a successful business. However, unexpected events can threaten your carefully laid plans and can lead to expensive losses that impact your ability to function. Commercial insurance is designed to defray these unexpected costs. At Ledford Agency in Midland, TX, we have the experience to ensure you have the right coverage for your business needs.

Insurance Is Part of Good Financial Planning For Your Business

Even the best-run business can encounter accidents, weather events, and legal disputes that can lead to expensive losses. The right insurance protects you against common exposures and liabilities that can undermine your company’s financial stability and plans for financial growth. Your insurance agent can discuss the many types of commercial insurance policies that are available and find the ones that fit your unique needs.

Types of Commercial Insurance You May Need

You may use vehicles in your business that require commercial auto coverage, to cover accident claims to persons or property. Some businesses own their own buildings, which will require property insurance to cover damage from weather and other damaging events. Businesses that design and fabricate may need product liability insurance, to cover problems that may arise. States often require workers compensation insurance to cover the medical expenses of workers who are injured on the job, as well as for lost wages. Individuals engaged in professional often need insurance to cover “errors and omissions” that may occur in their work. Even home-based businesses may need insurance coverage to protect against unexpected financial losses.

Choose Ledford Agency for Your Commercial Insurance Needs

We can answer your questions about commercial insurance coverage and discuss the different types of policies that may apply to your business needs. We offer a broad range of insurance policies, including home, auto, life, RV, and for business. Contact Ledford Agency LLC today for a free, no-obligation quote on commercial insurance to help protect your business from unexpected losses.

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