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Do You Ever Need Commercial Insurance When You Are Using Your Own Car?

In Texas, business use of your personal vehicle can get you into unexpected trouble.

At the Ledford Agency LLC, serving Midland, TX, and other locations in West Texas, many of our clients who own businesses don’t realize that their auto policies don’t cover business use. Some situations void your Texas auto insurance policy.

Here are some examples:

  • You let an hourly employee drive your personal vehicle during work hours.
  • You let a salaried employee drive your personal vehicle at any time.
  • You transport goods or people for a fee. This includes using your vehicle for services like Instacart or Uber.
  • You use your personal vehicle for picking up supplies.

There is also a situation that affects our most successful clients:

  • You need more coverage because your successful business has made you a high-net-worth individual, a target of people who want to sue you.

Ledford Agency LLC offers tailored coverage for drivers in and around Midland, TX. This gives you the coverage you need at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

We tailor business vehicle coverage with the following:

  • Higher liability limits: If you have business assets, you need higher liability coverage to protect them.
  • "Any auto" policies: Ledford Agency LLC can write auto policies that cover the driver, not the car. That way, you and your employees can be covered whenever you use any car for business purposes. These policies cover when you are test-driving a new car, leasing or renting a car when you borrow a car, and when you haven’t gotten around to insuring a new car yet.
  • Downtime reimbursement: Some insurance companies will reduce your premiums by the percentage of time your car is parked. There are similar discounts for geofencing cars used by your employees.

If you live around Midland, TX, Ledford Agency LLC can find the coverage you need. Call us for an appointment today!