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How Your Business Can Prevent a Data Breach

Many companies, large and small, retain customer information. Whether it is addressed, account numbers, social security numbers, or credit card information, your customers need to know their personal info won’t be leaked or stolen by hackers. The insurance company, Ledford Agency LLC, which serves the Midland, TX area, has agents that can help you with your commercial insurance needs.

Preventing a data breach is a serious concern for businesses operating online. You can do several things to protect your business from a destructive breach that cost you thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on the level of customer impact.

  • Keep only what you need. Purge your files regularly of things you don’t need to be stored on your drives. Shred paper documents that are no longer needed that contain customer information. Erase and discard CDs and portable drives with outdated information.
  • Only use up-to-date security software. Hackers are always trying to break through current security firewalls. Make sure that your software has the latest version to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Use a verification system. Having your employees use multi-factor authentication is a simple way to prevent someone from accessing their employee account. You must provide two or more pieces of evidence before you gain access to the system with multi-factor authentication. Evidence could include the name of your first pet, your favorite movie, or your mother’s maiden name.
  • Restrict internet usage. If your company has an intranet, then only allow access to that system. Prevent access to the internet or unauthorized sites. Give permissions to limited personnel who need supplemental access for their jobs.

Commercial insurance can’t help you prevent a data breach, but it can help you have one. A Midland, TX company, Ledford Agency LLC can offer commercial insurance information in case of a data breach.