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Protect your home with an upgraded policy

If you are a homeowner in the greater Midland, TX area, you can rely on the team at Ledford Agency LLC for all of your insurance needs. We know how important your home is, both as an investment and as a key part of your life. Let us help you protect it!

Is it time to upgrade your homeowner’s policy?

There is a lot to consider when you buy a home, and after you make the purchase, you may not think too much about your homeowner’s insurance policy. In fact, you may just continue to renew it year after year without giving it as much as a second glance. While this is entirely understandable, it can lead to problems down the line.

When you stay on top of your current policy benefits and how they compare to your current policy needs, you can move to fill any gaps right away. In fact, many homeowners decide to upgrade their policies once they take a closer look at its protection and overall coverage levels.

Due to increases in your home price or the value of your possessions, your current policy may not be sufficient. Or, you might be interested in adding some new features to the current home insurance policy. Upgrades such as reimbursement for temporary housing can be a wonderful thing to have. If your home is rendered uninhabitable due to a covered event, think about the peace of mind that will come with an alternative housing feature in place.

Find out more today

Ledford Agency LLC is here for you. We want to help all homeowners in the Midland, TX area protect their homes. If you would like to find out more about your policy options, call or stop by our office today!