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Flood Insurance in Texas

Ledford Agency Offers Flood Insurance for Texas Property Owners

Sudden flooding has become a frequent experience for many areas of the country. Changing weather patterns, new development that changes the landscape and aging infrastructure can threaten homes that haven’t seen flooding previously. At Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX, we can provide flood insurance coverage for your home to protect you from the expensive costs of repair and replacement.

Any Homeowner Can Experience Flooding

If you live in a coastal area or part of the country that experiences hurricanes or frequent flooding, you will want flood insurance to protect you against expensive losses. Your mortgage holder may require you to carry flood insurance for your area. Even if you don’t live in a high-risk area for flooding, your financial institution may require it. In addition, if you have received federal disaster in the past, you will be required to have flood insurance to cover future events.

Flood Insurance Helps Defray Costs of Common Losses

An unexpected flood can cause damage that runs into thousands of dollars. The influx of water can damage your furniture, carpeting, flooring, construction materials, electronics, and appliances. Many homeowners believe their standard homeowners' policy will cover flooding, but they then find this is not the case. They are left trying to restore their lives with money from savings or with money from loans. Flood insurance covers repairs and restoration at a number of different amounts. Your insurance agent can help you find the right flood insurance coverage to help you defray these costs.

Choose Ledford Agency for Flood Insurance in Texas

You may have questions about whether your homeowner's policy covers flood damage to your home. Our experienced agents can explain the difference between these different types of coverage, so you have the right insurance you need. We carry many insurance products for home, life, auto, and business. Contact Ledford Agency LLC today for a free, no-obligation quote on flood insurance that can help protect you from expensive losses caused by flooding.

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