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5 Instances You Should Discuss Making Changes to Your House with Your Insurance Agent

Your standard homeowner’s insurance can give you basic liability protection for your home and possessions as they are when you are insured. However, life happens, and changes are often made. 

Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX can help you with changes in your homeowner’s policy. Our experienced staff has worked with countless homeowners over the years to get the best and most affordable policies to suit our clients’ changing needs.

Contacting Your Agent About Changes to Your Home

If you are considering adding or changing your home in some way, whether, with a bathroom remodel or basement makeover, it is helpful to know what will and will not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Some common home and property that affect insurance are:

  • Installing a pool – Pools can have a double effect of adding value while adding liability. Getting more liability coverage will be wise in the event of an accident involving outside parties.
  • Renovating major rooms like the kitchen – These improvements can add a lot of value to a home, especially if high-end fixtures and furnishings are used, increasing insurance needs. 
  • A new roof – This can be a significant project that could save money in the long run. Insurers may give discounts for new roof builds in some cases.
  • Adding a home business office – Depending on how large your home business is or how expensive equipment and assets are, you may need additional coverage beyond what homeowners cover.
  • Expansions and additions – Adding new rooms and spaces to your home tend to increase the value meaning more insurance will likely be needed.

Your Texas Insurance Agency

Doing a home remodel can be a significant investment. It can get costly and detailed. At Ledford Agency LLC in Midland, TX, our agents are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your homeowner’s insurance options.