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The Benefits Employees Really Want

Increasing employee retention is at the top of everyone’s priority list right now. If you are an employer who is serious about employee retention, it is important that you pay attention to the benefits that employees actually need and want. Here at Ledford Agency LLC, we want to help business owners in Midland, TX and the surrounding areas better understand these important topics. 

Benefits Are Not A Thing Of the Past

First off, it is very important that you understand that employee benefits are not a thing of the past. As much as some employers would like employees to believe this lie is true, it is not. Employee benefits are one of the most powerful employee retention tools you have, and to ignore it or experiment with not providing benefits is a recipe for high employee turnover and failure. 

Mental Health Services 

Free or very affordable mental health services are a very powerful way to send a  message to employees that you care about them, and you want them to be personally empowered. When your employees are personally empowered, it always trickles down as a success for your company. 

On-Site Child Care 

Not every business can necessarily provide this, but for businesses that can, onsite child care is the golden ticket to employee retention. Providing this type of benefit sends a very powerful message to parents that you care about all aspects of their life and you understand that in order to stay focused and productive at work, parents need to know that their kids are okay. Onsite hugely reduces the need for parents to leave work for child-related issues thus keeping employees onsite longer which also increases productivity in the long run. 

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